Project Description

STF is a project in which morphology and function were fused in a way that allowed us to represent in a plane and in space the request of the contracting party.
Regarding materials, we used four distinct types of them. First, we used exposed concrete, which we defined as “the base of the project”. This material was employed in every wall in the ground floor. Secondly, iron was used for the sides of the staircase and for the front door, representing the changes and transitions that the user experiments in his walk around the house. Thirdly, plastered brick was used in the pure and light volume that rests on the ground floor, where we designed the secondary bedrooms. Finally, the material used in the interior spaces was wood, in order to create a warm space to live in.
Regarding its function, the ground floor was designed as a space to share every activity in the same area (the entrance, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the veranda with a grill, and the vertical circulation) due to their proximity.
The lighting of these areas was the premise of the design, so we laid out a mixed patio that goes around the veranda and allows the zenithal light to brighten the areas of circulation. The master bedroom was located within this floor, including its own bathroom, dressing room and an exit to the backyard. Over the northern section of the house, we located the kitchen, which has direct access to the garage through a door. On the other end, there is a small office for multiple purposes.
In order to access the top floor, we designed a staircase made of concrete that functions as a link between the two main areas. This floor is divided into two bedrooms that face North and a bathroom.