Project Description

This architectural work by Architect Rojo, located in Cerro de Las Rosas neighborhood, is considered cultural heritage of the city due to its quality and design.
On this basis, the renovation consisted of placing value on its architecture once again and increasing the value of the spaces according to their function.
We tried to highlight the value of materials such as stone, wood and iron.
As regards the program, we decided to separate the request of the contracting party into different zones: a work area in the ground floor, which includes a teamwork section and private offices; an outside area, including a pool, a veranda and changing rooms; a relaxation area in the first floor, which consists of a recreational space, a dining room and a kitchen; and a sauna area in the top floor.
We worked together with two decorators that developed an intervention which gave identity to the offices requested by the contracting party. We supported the idea of connecting the building with this intervention regarding design and function.