Project Description

Render 360°

AB is a neighborhood located on route E53, on the way to Río Ceballos. It is a gated neighborhood where there are 24 dwellings.

There used to be an old factory in this land, and its structure was revamped to design diverse types of apartments in its interior.

In the remaining space, we created 19 plots of approximately 250 m2, located over the land’s boundaries.

The front part of each plot faces the internal part of the neighborhood across the main street, which runs through a closed circuit that speeds up car circulation.  In this way, we created a nucleus in the land, which serves distinct functions. On the one hand, there is an area devoted to private activities, such as dwellings and parking spaces. On the other hand, there is a shared area devoted to recreational activities.

As for the private houses, we developed different A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H typologies that share the design idea regarding function and morphology.

The ground floor is made up of a living room/dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom according to the type of house, a veranda with a grill and a garage.

The top floor consists, in every case, of two or three bedrooms of private use with a shared bathroom.

As regards the morphology of the houses, the main idea was to give them their own identity following the aesthetic of the existing factory. For this reason, we used materials that bestowed each typology with some level of minimalism. The elements that gave unity to the complex are the color white, the details in sheet metal and the design of the entrances.