Project Description

BS is located in Cinco Lomas neighborhood, in the province of Córdoba. We developed this project according to the guidelines provided by the contracting party. There was a clear request for the social activity to be linear and to stay within the same floor.
For this reason, we decided to design BS underneath the level of car circulation, in order to gain a considerable expansion of the green space over the land and to keep the great views attributable to the hills that characterize the area.
Within this framework, the incorporation of this project begins with an intersection in the hill, which creates two volumes that connect with each other through an interior courtyard that links the social and private spaces.
The social area is nourished by the presence of a great veranda, which creates the sense of a larger space due to its glazed side. In order to connect the user with nature, we designed an interior courtyard in this veranda, which creates a sense of natural life within the inner space.
As regards the private area, another interior courtyard links the two main areas of the house. In the eastern side, the master bedroom is accompanied by a great dressing room linked to the bathroom. In the northern side, the bedrooms can be reached through a longitudinal corridor full of zenithal light.