Project Description

This project consists of the creation of a new bar. In the proposal, we tried to establish a well-defined identity for the place, following the suggestions of the client.
Regarding function, we placed the kitchen in the back area of the place, and we connected it to the bar counter. Due to its location and hierarchy, the counter is the most important element in the proposal, and it is the backdrop that frames the whole space. In the double-height area, we placed the inside tables area, brightened by the zenithal light coming from the large windows. Following the entrance, we designed a pergola in the area of the outside tables, linking the bar’s activity to the central plaza and relating the intervention to the complex of shops.
Concerning morphology, we chose simple lines and pure volumes that contribute to creating a warm space, since they are made of light wood. The selection of furniture goes with this design and includes light colors to generate unity within the proposal.