Project Description


Location: Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina | Year: 2017 | Groundsurface: 1845 m2 | Project Area : 159 m2


This Project is aimed at restructuring the gated community La Herradura’s access in every aspect: from the modification of its style to its better functionality.

The intervention seeks to widen the access area by moving it away from the public, achieving a greater amplitude, not only spatially but also visually, and integrating the greenery as part of the entrance.

Likewise, this allows to make a functional reorganization. A subdivision is proposed to separate the different ways of vehicle access (for owners, visitants, and service staff) and pedestrian access.

Each mobility type has its own independent circulation.

On the other hand, a parking area for thirteen vehicles is presented as a link to the access, with the aim of avoiding traffic jams when vehicles are waiting to enter the neighbourhood.

Regarding materials, a mix of elements that work as a whole was chosen in order to define and emphasize the access, giving it greater importance within its context. A continuous structure with different materials was sought to be created: concrete for the foundation, metal framing for the main structure that assembles the whole access, and wood for coating of warmth. The security guard’s box in the middle of the access allows a symmetry both of materials as well as of the whole access.