Project Description

This house emerged from a plan in which simplicity was stressed in every action of the design. With very little intervention in the land, SG is located in a hill, and it frames with different wall lines the area to which it belongs. In this project, we tried to make the user feel intrigued in his/her short walk towards the entrance so that, once inside the house, the immensity of Los Molinos could be discovered. Under this premise, the service areas were located in the East side, in order to let the social and private activities feel invaded by the great water mirror.
The social activities were centered in a great veranda (the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and the grill), and the private ones were divided into three adjacent bedrooms, connected by a longitudinal hall.
The design is respectful and balanced, so the materials used express their textures and represent the accomplished style. The stone, concrete and iron are in harmony with the rusticity of the area.